Our Story

The beginning was a dream, that of making products better than the offer present on the market and we were motivated by quality. We banked on success, not by any means, but supported by our care and the highest quality ingredients, as well as by people who make desserts with passion. They are created to bring joy to the people who taste them.



It is very important for a company which wants to be successful in its activities to respect few basic principles.

At Natural, we believe in transparency, we care for the client’s needs and we honour the commitments we have with all our clients.

We also believe in the company’s integrity and respectability as well as in our social engagement activities.



The activity of the company Natural is based on quality which is dictated by the whole team and for this, it is very important that the team works perfectly.
Every single employee is important to us and each one makes a significant contribution to the company.
If we want our products to generate feelings, they must be made with pleasure and passion, and, at Natural, we work with great care and we always pay attention to the details.
We support our team and invest in it for better results and happier people.



It is the most precious good our company has, and it is made by specialists and craftsmen who respect the products they create, reaching thus the final customer.
We have been developing our research and certification activities in order to increase the quality of our products.
We have a wide experience in the sweet and snack industry and we use it to create new recipes and production techniques, joining creativity and technical skills to the passion for the everyday work.



We always look for sources of inspiration that help us create products with new taste and look, and this can have different forms: from the Romanian classical desserts to exotic flavours and culinary traditions from all over the world.
Other sources of inspiration are the opinions of our clients – they are very important, they help us develop new recipes that satisfy all the wishes. Our curiosity pushes us to keep looking for new tastes for our sweets.



We have over 20-year experience in the sweet and snack industry, and we dedicate our experience to the consumers of our products.
Over the years we have learnt that, irrespective of the kind or the look of the cakes we have created, quality and paying attention to the details are the most important elements. The confectioners, at Natural, have a wide experience and they use it in making every single cookie or cake.



Because we never stop dreaming, making plans and growing up in the future, we have planned to continue to develop our production capacity and to complete the ranges of cakes and cookies.
We put the emphasis especially on improving the team and the technology. We keep up to date with the latest innovations in the world, and we will implement what is best for our company.
For us, the future is painted in tastes, colours and feelings.

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Phone: +40 349 402 298
E-mail: maria.militaru@naturalcompany.eu

Address: Cireașov Street, no. 12,
230070, Slatina - România