Private Label

Because the mission we have assumed is to deliver products made with great care and skill.
We have an expanded capacity to make Private Label orders, and thus we make available our solid knowledge base for those who wish our products in their portfolio.

At present, we have over 10 Private Label clients from different countries in Europe, such as: Romania, Spain, Italy, Germany, UK.

The Private Label represents a field which is very important to us and we devote an important part of our resources to it, the proof being the partnerships we have maintained and developed for a long time.

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We are proud of our partnerships with the retailers which are important brands in the industry: Metro, Selgros, Auchan, Cora, Billa, Kaufland, Profi, Carrefour. You need specific characteristics to be able to develop business relationships with this kind of traders, we have developed a lot the production and logistics in order to be always prepared for the orders we have from our partners. As the large supermarket and hypermarket chains help us to make our products known almost everywhere in Romania, we continuously develop our production and distribution capacity, which is one of the most important advantages we have in relation to our competitors.

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We are a company which believes in quality and professionalism and we want to spread these two characteristics with the help of our products. And, as the place from where we started is the best, we need many distribution partners in Romania who can make known our delicious desserts.

For us, all partnerships are important because they will help us to put a smile on the faces of people everywhere when they taste the cakes we make thinking of them.


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We think that what you produce is your business card, and our desserts recommended us abroad. Here are only few countries where our products are received and appreciated: Hungary, Italy, Spain, Malta, Finland, Germany, UK, the Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, Ireland, Israel. As the result of our work is successful in many countries, we have developed a lot our production and distribution capacity and we continue to invest in order to face any challenge. We wish to spread smiles and joy everywhere in the world with the help of our products and any partnership is welcome.

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Phone: +40 349 402 298
E-mail: maria.militaru@naturalcompany.eu

Address: Cireașov Street, no. 12,
230070, Slatina - România